LogCat Viewer+

Version 2.2


Project Description:


          This Android application is designed to access and dump the log-cat device on android. In order for this application to work properly, the device must be rooted.  By default the application does not run the background commands as a root user.  To enable root, go to the application settings and check the box  (run as root).


Project feature Description:


Note: Depending on the screen size and orientation of the device, some icons may not be displayed.  Their action is then put into the action bar overflow menu.


Root Access


          Sence Android Jelley Been, Security changed with accessing the log-cat device.  To make sure this application can access the log-cat device, It can run the background commands as root.  This is to insure the application has the proper permissions to the log-cat device.


Save Logcat to File


          The log-cat dump can be saved to a file on your SD-card. Once a dump has been made, just click the SD-card icon to give the file a name and tap ok.  The files are saved to a folder called "LOGCat" at the root of the devices internal SD-card.


clear Logcat device


          By taping the icon that looks like a file, and the world "LOG" , You can clear the log-cat device.  Just confirm this action when the dialog asks for a confirmation.


File Manager


          The file manager allows you to reload saved log-cat dumps and delete the files.  by long pressing on a file, you can delete that file.  If you clikc the "DELETE ALL LOGS" button, you can delete all the saved logs on the devices SD-Card.  To reload a saved log, just tap once on the file. The file manager can be opened from the dropdown menu on the action bar. Just tap the menu item "Manage logs".